Guarantee Against Loss (GAL) Funding

About our Guarantee Against Loss (GAL) Fund

We provide this fund in support of events to provide security for organisers against not meeting budgeted ticket sales and our GALs are aimed at assisting with the initial establishment of events but are not intended to be a form of long term and/or ongoing funding.

Applications should be for events that:

  • demonstrate broad community benefit;
  • have a realistic expectation of ticket sales and a realistic overall budget;

  • are not competing to the detriment of other events in the CTOS area; 
  • the event should contribute, in aggregate with other events, to provide a range of experiences for the community;

GALs will be restricted to a maximum of 15-25% of total budgeted ticket sales.

Who can apply

Guarantee Against Loss applicants will need to meet the Trust's standard grant eligibility criteria.

When to apply 

Applications for GALs are accepted throughout the year.

How to apply 

You can apply for a GAL through our standard applications process - click here to apply 

Uplifitng a GAL

GALS must be uplifted within 4 months of the event being held otherwise the GAL will be cancelled.

Need some help or if you have questions

Please contact us on 0800 500 185 or (03) 218 2034 or email

The Community Trust of Southland is committed to the safety and protection of children and young people. This commitment means that we will help to raise awareness of this issue amongst the organisations that we grant to and encourage organisations, through a range of supporting activities funded by the Trust, to have appropriate policy and practices in place - find out more here.