Regional Sports Organisations (RSO) Funding

About our Regional Sports Organisation (RSO) Fund

This funding supports the facilitation of regional sporting programmes and services to encourage active lifestyles.

A total of $400,000 is allocated by the Trust to Regional Sports Organisations.

RSO funding is calculated using a formula based on the number of participants in each sporting code as follows:

  • base funding of $3,950 per annum for each RSO;
  • plus $10 per participant

For the purposes of funding the following applies:

  • A “participant” is a person participating in regular competition or activity arranged under the auspices of the RSO and includes umpires/referees and coaches; and
  • Pays an affiliation fee or subscription to that RSO, who in turn pays an affiliation fee to their National Sporting Organisation for that participant. 

Important to note: A person can be counted once only e.g. a person who is a player, coach and/or referee is regarded as one participant.

The following are not considered to be participants for the purposes of funding:

  • casual or unaffiliated participants e.g. green fee paying golfers, casual squash or tennis players;
  • those participants who have not paid any fees to play/participate;
  • those participating in school based and/or holiday  programmes organised by the RSO;
  • those participating in holiday programmes organised by the RSO or other organisations;
  • those participating in social competitions not run under the auspices of an RSO;
  • those participating in social competitions not affiliated to the National Sporting Organisation.

RSOs have the discretion to direct their RSO funding to areas of their operation they deem a priority.

Who can apply 

For a Regional Sports Organisation to be eligible for funding, the organisation must be one of the following:

In addition to meeting one of the above criteria, the RSO must also meet the following criteria:

  • Satisfy the Trust that the organisation is the recognised RSO for the Trust's area and whose principle activities are undertaken in that area.
  • Be affiliated to the appropriate National Sports Organisation.
  • Provide documentation of RSO participation activities, detailing all competitions, programmes and development initiatives to illustrate regular participation levels and activities.
  • Provide documentation that clearly shows; individual participant numbers, including names, addresses and competition/level of participation.
  • Provide a three year strategic plan, a current annual plan and budget.
  • Provide satisfactory financial statements.
  • Provide evidence of a demonstrated need for financial assistance.

How to apply 

First time applicant - organisations applying for RSO funding for the first time need to contact us for details on the application process.

Already receiving RSO funding - click here to complete your annual RSO accountability

Annual reporting & continued funding  

Continued funding for organisations already recieving RSO fundng will be conditional upon receipt of the following satisfactory information by 15th February 2018:

  • a completed online Regional Sports Organisation Annual Reporting Form;
  • annual financial statements;
  • a business plan for the coming year;
  • an operating budget for coming year;
  • a report on your activities for the past year;
  • current database detailing individual participants; and
  • evidence of a demonstrated need for funding.

Payment of RSO funding

RSO funding for 2018/19 (i.e. 1 April 2018 - 31 March 2019) will be paid in one lump sum in early May 2018 - subject to receiving the RSO Annual Accountability/Application and supporting documentation by 15 February 2018.  

The Annual Accountability/Application may be submitted via our online system anytime from 7 November 2017 to 15 February 2018.

Need some help or if you have questions

Please contact Dianne on 0800 500 185 or (03) 218 2034 or email

Our Commitment to the Safety & Protection of Children & Young People - We are committed to the safety and protection of children and young people. This commitment means that we will help to raise awareness of this issue amongst the organisations that we grant to and encourage organisations, through a range of supporting activities funded by the Trust, to have appropriate policy and practices in place - find out more here