Decision making process - Major Grants

Grants staff will assess your application and all applications will be considered by the Board, with each application being assessed on individual merits, in the context of other grants being considered and funding available.

Depending on the size of request and nature of the application, your application will be assessed against some or all of the following factors:

  • Alignment with our strategic plan and priorities.
  • Project responsibility i.e. normally would local or central government be responsible for funding.
  • Strength of community support.
  • Evidence of need.
  • Current and future trends in the field the application relates to or in the community e.g. changing demographics.
  • Degree of partnering and collaboration.
  • Level of community benefit - projects which are for the exclusive benefit of a limited number of people will be a lower priority.
  • Likely outcomes and impact.
  • Value for money i.e. extent of community benefit relative to level of request.
  • Ongoing viability and sustainability in the long term.
  • Demonstrated need for funding supported by a comprehensive and realistic budget.
  • Alternative and complementary funding sources.
  • Credibility and capability of the organisation and ability to deliver.

As part of the assessment and decision making process the following may be undertaken:

  • Meetings with applicant organisations and site visits by staff to the applicant's organisation and/or project.
  • Discussions with relevant organisations e.g. other funders, councils, Government departments/agencies etc. 
  • Trustees will also make a site visits to each of the major grant applicant organisations and/or projects.
  • Organisations will have the opportunity to make a presentation to Trustees in support of their application.