Applying with a Funding Partner

Unincorporated legal entities including those registered with Charities Services only can apply for up to $2,000, otherwise they need to apply with a Funding Partner.  

What's a Funding Partner

A Funding Partner is an organisation that applies for a grant on behalf of a Group that is undertaking the project.

The Funding Partner needs to be:

  • an incorporated non profit legal entity registered with the Companies Office i.e:
    • an incorporated society,
    • an incorporated charitable trust, or
    • a company with charitable purposes.
  • or a non profit organisations established under:
    • Local Government Act 2002
    • Maori Trust Boards Act 1955
    • Education Act 1989

Please Note: Acting as a funding partner will not affect the organisation's eligibility to apply for CTOS funding in its own right.

Working with a Funding Partner

We recommend that both parties enter into a written agreement, which is signed by both the Funding Partner and the Group undertaking the project, and which outlines such details as (but is not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • the roles and responsibilities of both parties e.g.
    • grant administration i.e. submitting an application, ensuring funding conditions are met, overseeing the use of the grant; 
    • financial management of a grant i.e. releasing approved funding, evidence of expenditure required for payments,  clarifying whether funding partner or the group pays invoices, record keeping of spending (e.g. copies of receipts); 
    • accountability reporting i.e. completing and/or endorsing. 
  • who is responsible for legal requirements and/or insurances (where applicable);
  • procedures for dispute resolution in the event of a disagreement between the parties.

How to apply 

The Funding Partner completes and submits an online application on behalf of the Group undertaking the project - click here to apply.

Approval & payment of a grant

Any funding approved will be paid to the Funding Partner who will ultimately be responsbile for providing the final accountability.


The Community Trust of Southland is committed to the safety and protection of children and young people. This commitment means that we will help to raise awareness of this issue amongst the organisations that we grant to and encourage organisations, through a range of supporting activities funded by the Trust, to have appropriate policy and practices in place - find out more here