Community Trusts

The Community Trust of Southland is one of 12 Community Trusts throughout the country. For information about other Trust's or to apply for a grant for outside the CTOS area please visit one of the following:


/Other Trusts Logos/ Foundation North (JPG - 15kb)

Foundation North 

/Other Trusts Logos/ Bay Trust (PNG - 23kb)

Bay Trust 

/Other Trusts Logos/ Mid & South Canterbury (JPG - 12kb)

Community Trust of Mid & South Canterbury

/Other Trusts Logos/ Eastern and Central (JPG - 8kb)

Eastern & Central Community Trust  

/Other Trusts Logos/ Otago Community Trust Logo (JPG - 259kb)

Otago Community Trust 

/Other Trusts Logos/ Rata Foundation (formerly Canterbury Community Trust) (JPG - 16kb)

Rata Foundation   

/Other Trusts Logos/ Trust Waikato logo (JPG - 53kb)

Trust Waikato   
/Other Trusts Logos/ TSB (GIF - 2kb) TSB Community Trust   

/Other Trusts Logos/ whanganui (GIF - 7kb)

Whanganui Community Foundation  



/Other Trusts Logos/ Wellington (PNG - 20kb)

Wellington Community Trust   

/Other Trusts Logos/ West Coast (JPG - 20kb)

West Coast Community Trust