Accountability & Reporting Back

As we distribute funds on behalf of the community it is really important we are able to ensure accountability for the use of these funds.

Therefore all organisations and individuals who receive a grant or scholarship from us will need to complete an accountability report at the end of their funded activity. Such things that are covered in the grant accountability report include:

  • detailing the final costs of the project; 
  • describing how the grant contributed to the outcomes of your funded activity; and 
  • the community benefits that have been achieved.

We use your reporting information for the following purposes:

  • to ensure financial accountability
  • for learning and our research
  • for news stories on our website or facebook page
  • helps to inform our policies and future strategies and granting.

What if your project is delayed or there are unexpected challenges?

We know that sometimes unexpected things can impact on when a project is able to start or the progress of a project. We encourage you to let us know, by contacting our grants staff, if you experience any significant delays or major challenges with your project.

Online Applications

If you applied for your grant or scholarship through our online system and are now ready to either request a payment or complete your accountability report please log into our online system here. Once logged in you will see the 'My Submissions' link near the top left of the screen, click on this link and you will see an Acquittal/Accountability Form attached to your existing Application, then all you need to do is complete the acquittal/accountability form and submit it. 

Previous Paper Based Applications

If you are requesting a payment or wanting to complete your accountability for a grant approved prior to 1 April 2015 i.e. you completed a paper based application, please email to request a payment request/accountability form and we will forward this to you. 


The Trust periodically undertakes financial audits of grants that have been approved - such audits are either performed by CTOS staff or by external auditors commissioned by the CTOS.