Leadership Scholarships

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If you consider yourself to have leadership qualities, you could be eligible for a Community Trust of Southland (CTOS) Leadership Scholarship. Read on to find out whether you may qualify.

We offer leadership scholarships to support emerging and existing community leaders.

Closing Dates

We accept Leadership Scholarship applications throughout the year and if we receive your application by the 1st of a month it will generally be considered at the next scheduled monthly Board meeting (there is no Board meeting in January). This is provided all information is available and we are able to complete an assessment in time. 


You will need to:

  • be a New Zealand citizen or hold New Zealand permanent residency;
  • be currently residing in the CTOS' area and have done so for no less than three years;
  • be significantly involved in as a volunteer or working in a:
    • Iwi/Maori organisation,
    • Not for profit organisation.
    • Community organisation,
  • have some leadership experience and be either an emerging leader or a mid-career leader;
  • have the support of your organisation e.g. Manager, CEO, Executive Committee or Governance Board.
  • show evidence of your:
    • personal character and capacity for leadership;
    • accomplishments, commitment and motivation to the community and its not-for-profit sector;
    • community involvement in the CTOS area e.g. membership of external organisations, committees or boards.

Eligibility Restrictions

  • Only one applicant will be considered from an organisation within a 12 month period.
  • Individuals will only be eligible for one Leadership Scholarship within a 12 month period.
  • As of 1 April 2013 a life time maximum of five Leadership Scholarships will be awarded per individual.
  • Leadership Scholarships will not be available to those who:
    • Are already receiving a scholarship/ other funding to undertake a leadership related programme/ course.
    • Are applying as an employee or councillor of local government, or as an employee of a central government department/agency (including schools and school boards).
    • Are applying as part of a Service Club or For Profit organisation.
    • Are from outside the CTOS area.
    • Are under the age of 15 years.

Application Forms

/Logos/ Word Image (PNG - 51kb) Download a Leadership Scholarship Application Form as a word document
/Logos/ PDF Image (JPG - 6kb) Download a Leadership Scholarship Application Form as a PDF
Need to Know More or If You Have Any Questions

If you have any questions concerning Leadership Scholarships please contact our Scholarship Administrator on 0800 500 185 or email shelley@ctos.org.nz